Over fifteen years, through photography and video, Adam Phillips has helped businesses tell their story and achieve their goals by showcasing their products and the smiles and hands which make them. Through the years, Adam has worked with a handful of different companies and organizations to highlight products and people. While specializing in the outdoors and commercial space, he has worked with companies like Clifbar, Backcountry, Maverik Gas stations, Keller Williams Realty, Edge Eyewear, and Clearcut Building Solutions, to name a few. He has been published and featured in various editorial publications such as Powder Magazine, Alaska Magazine, The Ogden Connection, and Alaska Rock Climbing Guide. Pictureline endorsed Adam as a Pictureline Professional in 2018. During that same time, he studied communications with a digital media emphasis at Weber State University. He continues to seek learning opportunities and loves to educate through his workshops.

Email: adam@phillphoto.com

Phone: 435-757-4321

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The Story:

My mother always had this film SLR camera, an older Pentax that she was given during the time she lived in Alberta. I was maybe five years old, and I saw her using it to photograph some things she sewed, and I came in the running with a sock in my hand repeatedly saying, "picture me mom picture me." She never let me use it until I was much older. Through the years, I would always see her using it and was always fascinated by it.

My dad had an old 35mm film Konika Minolta and a ton of lenses along with an old Panasonic camcorder and full-size video cassette recorder that went with it. I grew up with a camera always being around. But, it wasn't until I took my first beginner photography class in High School that I really was able to dive into all the technical and non-technical aspects of photography. It was at this time that I truly fell in love with the ability to create and tell a story with photography. Being able to go out and burn through a roll of film and then turn around and take that through the darkroom and watch your images come back to life. The process was magical! It brought happiness and excitement that I think is somewhat almost lost with digital photography. I know that is why I still take it out and shoot through a roll on occasion. But, we as a society are impatient and want a lot of things now. Even I, as a photographer, and many others like to try and get stuff sometimes posted to social within the same day of capturing the images.

The Name:

I've been blessed with two first names, as well as two last names...

I love my name but when selecting a domain, AdamPhillipsPhotography(.)com sounded so long to me, and not something I thought many people would type correctly with so much room for error, especially in 2007.

That name, as well as many variations, were also taken. I decided to cut the last three letters (ips) off my last name Phillips and added the word photo to it.

That's the story behind the name Phillphoto. pronounced (fill-photo)


The Business:

Photography as a business is hard, and it comes with its challenges. I think when you're in those challenges, that's when you learn if you're cut out for it and if it's truly something you love. I know it is for me. I know it's one of the biggest passions in my life next to my family. If it came easy to me, I'm not sure I would have done it. Although it has been one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done. In the pursuit to get out and see the world and share that story. I set aside having the best gear or equipment. So that I could more easily afford to travel to some of the coolest places while photographing and filming those stories. I have never financed any of my gear, and I know that has paid off for me tenfold as I now can support myself in what I do and be able to afford the equipment that I used to dream of one day owning. Please check out my photo galleries! All images are for sale. Show your support and share it on your favorite social media platform!

Thank You!

Adam Phillips

Phillphoto, LLC

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