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Photography Workshops 

Looking to move away from those automatic camera settings and start putting new professional photography fundamentals into practice? Take your photography to the next level with one on one instruction through any of these workshops. Each photography workshop is specifically tailored to the individual client and based entirely on their existing skill set. 

Full Day Private Photography Workshop -$349

Here we will focus on essential technics and help you get familiar with your camera its settings to help you move away from automatic modes and put you more in control of creating beautiful images.

Full Day Private Photo Workshop Plus Editing Workflow - $499 

Same thing with the Full workshop with a bit more time to drive further distances to talk further about camera settings and what you already know. With this, we can fit this more to fundamentals you would like to learn or focus more attention too. This workshop will come with a bit more distance (driving or walking) and adventure. Here we can get more into Timelapse Photography/Video and what makes a great time-lapse from composition to the scene itself and things to take into consideration with that. 

Half Day Plus a Full Day Photography Workshop - $749

With this, we have the options of making our way to Any part of the state. We have room here for a fully flexible day of Photography. From start to finish. With all the things available here from our three and six-hour workshops. I'll get more in-depth with you about filters and other photo enhancing technics and kits. We will learn everything about your camera and teach you what you can do with it. With this includes two meals. 

3 Day start to finish Private Professional Adventure Photography Workshop - $1299

Our 3-day workshop includes driving to all sites, meals, and lodging. Includes workflow, media storage, and editing technics. Learn how to bring out the best in your RAW image files through Lightroom editing and the many other powerful tools LR has to offer. I will personally guide you through my photo editing process and workflow techniques from start to finish. I'll give you tips for shooting in harsh and extreme environments. I will walk you through the development of your own portfolio that you can take and use to gain new clients or just share with friends.

Astrophotography Workshops - $399 

Here you will learn the tips and techniques for shooting at night. Whether you have an upcoming trip and want to get the best of the Northern lights or you just want to be able to capture the deepest parts of the Milky Way. We'll go over everything you need to know.

Over the course of any of the workshop, we will shoot at a variety of locations, focusing on a range of skills and topics. Small group bookings and photo tours are also available. 

Also available for commercial or personal projects in the following: Skiing, Climbing, Adventure, Lifestyle, Landscape. 

* Rates vary for all these services depending on individual factors, please email me at or call (435) 757-4321 for specific details & quotes.

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